desfontainia spinosa

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desfontainia spinosa -

Postby Respect the Pod » Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:40 am

Alternatively referred to as "Taique." Said to be hallucinogenic. I UTFSE and found this thread: sa

Well, on another forum I frequent, a comrade posted the following trip report. I feel it is interesting enough to start a new thread, rather than necro post.

I ordered in an ounce of d. spinosa foliage and three grams of 10x extract about two weeks ago, curious about a plant with reputedly salvia-like effects and such little information available.

Initially, I just tried smoking it, to reasonably good effect (strong stoning feeling, after a good bit, even a dissociative-like effect at higher amounts reminiscent of glaucine), but said dissociative effects were very short lived so elected to try a tea.

I brewed the remaining 3/4 or so of the ounce of foliage I had left for about twenty minutes, then strained off the plant matter and boiled the liquid down to a black, pungent decoction and drank about half of it. Effects didn't begin to manifest for about twenty minutes, and at first I experienced only a mild stoning effect even less pronounced than smoking. Over the course of the next hour, the effects gradually increased, but as they did I began to notice uncomfortable flushing, involuntary muscle spasms, nystagmus, and nausea, which all increased slowly to unbearable levels and were soon accompanied by diarrhea and tachycardia that makes an overdose of IV meth seem tame. I laid on the couch for five hours praying for it stop and considering calling an ambulance in between spells of hypnagogic weirdness, which seemed to reflect the comic books I had been reading that day (kept exploring slightly different realities, in each of which I was some sort of bizarro-Iron Man and there was some child and his family in a lab on a space station that I had something to do with and he was some sort of Messiah... pretty inane stuff, tbh, although it at least would have been amusing save for the feeling that I was being punished for the collective sins of humanity). I have no interest in trying again, ever. Perhaps smoked, as the unpleasant side effects never seemed to manifest with this route (perhaps the heat destroys the cytotoxic spinosides present in the plant?).

Anyway, goes to show why jumping blindly into an herb with unknown pharmcalogical action and practically no information or trip reports at all is never a good idea. If you're interested in trying, I definitely recommend sticking to smoking. It's nearly twenty four hours after I dosed and I still feel like toasted shit.

Ooooooooooo.... Later he said:

It didn't seem anticholinergic in the least, though. I blame the toxic effects on the spinosides, but from whence the dreamlike qualities stem I've no idea.

Any thoughts? Did anything come of the linked thread?
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Re: desfontainia spinosa -

Postby teeko » Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:16 am

Never saw anything come of that thread, never noticed any cuttings at bsp either.

Good eye!

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Re: desfontainia spinosa -

Postby KTB » Mon Jun 21, 2010 6:46 pm

...its pretty weird shit.
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Re: desfontainia spinosa -

Postby Himdumb » Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:37 pm

Sacred Succulents had plants listed in their newest email...
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Re: desfontainia spinosa -

Postby rhea » Wed Jul 27, 2011 8:11 am

this is a higly interesteing plant anyone have experiences ?
on another forum someone mentioned no effects but stomach aches
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